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Petting your dog may help you feel less stressed

by Sofia Leite on July 29, 2021  in CalmingdietfoodhealthyingredientsSupplementsvitamins

Do you have a feeling of being overwhelmed? Petting your dog for a short period of time can help you relax.

We are all familiar with stress, especially these days. While many of us understand how it feels to be stressed, fewer of us are good at dealing with stress when it occurs. It's not always simple to reduce our stress levels, no matter how hard we try to relax by exercising, cuddling up with a good book, meditating, and so on. Now, while our pups might find their own version of stress relief in the form of Pups Calming Supplements, studies show that we humans might find our perfect stress relief in the form of our dogs.

This may not come as a complete surprise - just a few minutes with your doggie may be enough to calm your soul — but study shows that touching your dog has some of the highest payoffs. A study conducted by Washington State University looked at the impact of animal interaction on stress levels in a group of (undoubtedly stressed) college students. The kids were divided into groups, with some receiving the opportunity to pet and play with cats and dogs, while others simply saw photos of the animals or had no visual or physical pet stimulus (quel dommage).

What's the end result? Cortisol levels were much lower in students who interacted with cats and dogs, even for as little as ten minutes, than in students who did not have the opportunity to pet one of the animals. According to the findings, caressing a cat or dog can be a very effective approach to reduce stress on both a physiological and emotional level.

Fortunately for us, this implies that we may now refer to cuddling up with our dog as an effective and necessary "tool" for stress relief. (To put it another way, we're doing it because we have to.) You know, for the sake of our mental and physical well-being.)

It's also critical to provide the best diet with the best nutrients for our pets to feel as serene and quiet as we do. Incorporating a supplement like Pups Calming into your dog's diet is essential for reducing stress and anxiety in all breeds. This product is perfect if your dog dislikes vet visits, sudden loud noises, has separation anxiety, or is energetic and frightened.


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