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Pups launched in 2021 by dog lovers for dog lovers with passion and purpose.

Our passion comes from a desire to change the pet nutrition industry for the better, with a commitment to quality ingredients and full transparency that can truly make a difference in the lives of our pets. As pet owners ourselves, we recognize that all dogs are unique, hence the importance of providing optimal and individualized nutrition.

And so, we created supplements to fill the gaps in your pet’s diet to not only help your dogs survive, but thrive! To deal with everything from joint pain to anxiety, we introduced Pups to our most beloved dogs. The result? Improved health that brought the best out of our dogs! Now, we are excited to share Pups with all pet owners, as our supplements aim to be a new standard in pet nutrition. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet and easy on pet owners. This brings us to our purpose, which at the core is of course

This brings us to our purpose, which at the core is of course, our four legged friends. With our health solution, we want dogs to live happier and longer lives, while taking care of the planet. As we use our many years of veterinary practice, scientific research and third-party lab tests to improve the health and quality of life of our dogs, our primary focus will always be your pets.

As we continue to grow, our objective will remain the same: to help your dogs live healthy and happy lives, while respecting the planet. Whether they're a puppy or a wise senior pooch, vitamins can be crucial for strong bones, healthy guts, and a relaxed composure. We are proud to contribute to the industry by staying on the cutting edge of developments in nutrition and we are grateful for the opportunity to help your dogs thrive.

At Pups, we’re more than just a supplement brand. We’re home to powerful nutrition that has nothing but the best of your pets in mind.


We provide supplements to support your dog’s overall wellness, as we ensure their diets are complete with all necessary vitamins and daily minerals. We say, complete nutrition for your dog goes beyond what they can find in their food bowl.

With formulas backed by vet experts and crafted with science-based, thoroughly vetted ingredients, we help you proactively care for your pet. All dogs are unique, hence their nutrition requires special and individualized attention. With Pups, complete your dogs dietary needs and help them thrive.


We really, really love dogs and we want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. To get there, we support our four legged friends on the daily by sticking to our core values that are good for dogs and good for the planet.

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