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At the moment, we ship Pups supplements within the European Union and the UK, and soon will start shipping to the US.

Yes. Log in your profile and update your shipping address. Note: make sure you do it in advance before your order is prepared to be sent.

In case of doubt, contact us at info@pupsbrand.com.

Once your order is processed, shipping usually takes 2-5 days for your first order to arrive. Then, with an ongoing subscription, you will atomically receive the supplements at your doorstep every 28-30 day.

Yes. Our packages are BPA-free and don’t contain any toxic compositions, so be sure that the supplements are safe and good for your dog. Keep the package in a dry cool place for the optimal condition of the powder.

Sustainability is one of our priorities at Dr. Oskar. Each package contains 30 eco-sticks with the health powder. We love our dogs and nature and encourage everyone to recycle and decrease the environmental footprint - and paw-print.

Yes. With our products, there is no such thing as the minimum subscription. You can subscribe for one month or have an ongoing subscription which can be cancelled at any time. However, we believe that taking care of your pet should be a proactive and long-term routine – this approach will lead to the optimal results.

You will be charged on the day of your first order. After that, with an ongoing subscription, you will be billed depending on your dog size order.

No, all Pups products are sold online on a subscription basis. With this approach, we guarantee the quality of the product you receive and keep the associated costs to minimum.

Yes, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, however we believe that for the best results for your pet’s health, food supplements need to become a part of a long-term diet. When you are ready to reactivate your subscription, it can be don’t easily online.

The Pups supplements are designed to support and improve your dog’s joint, gut, immune and nervous systems, skin, urinary tract and thyroid, and cause positive effects on their health and happiness in general. Each dog’s positive reaction on the supplement is individual however you should not expect it before two weeks of consumption.

You should not exceed the recommended dosage of the supplement per portion per day. However, if you accidentally give more it should not cause any negative reactions as the supplements have only natural and organic ingredients. Observe your dog’s behavior, and in case of any signs of sickness contact your vet.

The supplements come in the form of powder which has a mild taste and easily mixes with your dog’s food. Normally, pets do not show any signs of supplement rejection when consuming it together with their food on a daily basis.

Pups supplements are formulated only with natural ingredients which have been recognized as safe by the vet industry in general and our experts in particular. You can consult the ingredients on the product pages. They should not provoke any allergic reactions. However, if you suspect that the supplement cause any acute response, contact your vet and please notify us at info@puspbrand.com

The supplements contain only natural components, no toxic or harmful ingredients. However, because they are formulated for dogs, they are not recommended for humans. If you or someone in your family accidentally consumes the supplement, contact your doctor if you notice any negative symptoms.

The cost of Pups products is always included in the price – whether you buy one pack or have a monthly subscription. You don’t need to pay anything extra.

All Pups supplements are made in Germany with globally sourced ingredients.

Yes, all Pups products have been formulated by veterinary experts and third-party lab tested for quality assurance.

When your order is dispatched for shipping, you receive an email with the information about the order tracking number and an approximate arrival date.

If you have received a confirmation and a tracking code from us, first thing you should do is to verify the status of your order with the mail company identified in the email. If there is no clear response from the mail tracking system, your item may be still in transit.

Unfortunately, once posted, we cannot help you track the order because the product legally belongs to you and is out of our control.

If you don’t receive your order 2 weeks after the foreseen delivery date, you should contact your local mail sorting post and ask them to search for the order for you.

When your purchase is dispatched for shipping, we send you a confirmation email with your order and tracking number. Usually it takes 1-3 business days for preparing and dispatching your order. If you haven’t received such an email, your order hasn’t been dispatched yet.


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